Yes even envelopes have options too!

Grace of Design offers a few envelope options to help enhance the look of your invitation designs. Mix and match different textures, finishes and colors to create a unique look for your order.

Square flap
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Grace of Design offers this style envelope as a standard with all invitation purchases. Our envelopes are available in both our Signature Matte and Glimmer Metallic qualities in 80lb weight. Luxe Linen envelopes are also available in 80lb weight.
Stock colors for Signature Matte quality are White, Cream, Black and Gray.
Stock colors for Glimmer Metallic quality are White, Opal, Black Silver and Gold.

Euro Style (Pointed Flap)

All of our custom color envelopes will be provided as a pointed flap style envelope. Although our stock option envelope is a square flap, if you prefer the pointed flap style, please contact us. We'll be happy to provide this envelope for you. Available in Matte and Metallic finishes for an additional fee.

Envelopments Pocket Folds, Pocket Cards and Envelofolds
Pocket Folds enclosures feature a flat panel for the placement of the invitation and a pocket to hold inserts such as the reply card and enclosures. They are ideal for invitations with additional information such as response sets, accommodation cards, maps, reception cards or photos. There are 4 styles available—signature, signature side, classic and booklet—are available as landscape or portrait and can be used horizontally or vertically.

Pocket Cards enclosures can be used to hold cards, photos, maps, response sets and various items. Tier all the components in the pocket, or mount the invitation onto the flat side and the inserts inside the pocket.

Envelofolds signature enclosures open to reveal a single design panel. This shape is perfect for occasions with minimal information including announcements, photo cards and invitations. Maintain organization with the addition of inserts bound with a band wrap. Envelofolds signature enclosures in smaller sizes can be used as place cards or to hold gift cards and business cards.

Questions or comments about the envelope styles that we offer, feel free to contacts us.